Blow Moulding

These are samples of machines in this range, to enquire about current availability click here.

Kautex KB 35

Uniloy 400 R11

Automa 1 litre machine

Automa 2 litre machine

Battenfeld Fischer BFB 1-4

Battenfeld Fischer BFB 1-4

Bekum BA 10

Bekum BM 602 D

Bekum BMO4D

Bekum H-502

Hesta B 50

Hesta HS 351.

Kautex 60 litres

Kautex 250 litres

Kautex KEB-30

Kautex KEB 2-01.

Kautex KEB 35

Magic 2L ND

Magic MG-100 DE

Magic MGL 1D

Magic MGL 2-3D

Magic MGL 2D

Mauser 120 litres

Siemag 250 litres

Uniloy 20 litres

Uniloy 400 R11

Uniloy MSA-S

Bekum H111

Battenfeld BFB1-4

Bekum HBV120

Nissei ASB 650

Bekum HBD 51

Bekum BAE 10

Bekum HBD110

Bekum BAE 1

Muller 5-Litre Head

Hayssen 50-30 BS