Terms and Conditions of Trading

These terms and conditions are intended to give potential buyers a general guide to our services and we hope to be complete covering all possible aspects .

Pergamon International Ltd aims to supply accurate and detailed information on all documentation, including, but not exclusively to, emails, faxes, letters and pages on this web-site.

Although every measure is taken to ensure technical details provided to potential clients are correct, when we act as agent for machinery, we can only supply details to the accuracy provided by our selling clients, and therefore we heavily recommend that all machines are independently inspected prior to purchasing. Likewise, all photographs provided are as accurate as our current document processing permits; however, these may or may not be accurate or recent, and should therefore only be taken as an indication.

All machines are sold as inspected, unless otherwise stated; Pergamon International Ltd. provides no direct warranty on any machinery item, and therefore everything should be assumed to be sold as seen. In some circumstances, for example when some of our clients intend to sell machinery, they may be prepared to offer a warranty, spares etc., but we cannot guarantee or backup such services ourselves.

All machinery items sold should be paid in full (clearly verified with the total money amount in the account of Pergamon International Ltd.) at least a week prior to organizing or confirming loading and transport.

When Pergamon International Ltd. acts as an intermediate agent, the proforma and/or invoice is likely to be forwarded to you by the selling company and, when applicable, the loading of the machine(s) to your vehicle, container etc. is also likely to be organised by the same selling company.  In such circumstances, Pergamon International Ltd. is entitled to be paid by the selling company a commission fee for the introduction. However, it is worthwhile to be underlined that all legal responsibilities raised in regards to the sale stay only with the selling company and not, in any way and form, with the intermediate Pergamon International Ltd.

IMPORTANT! Being a worldwide distributor, it is worthwhile to bring to your attention that occasionally some machines may not be compliant with your national health and safety regulations. In these circumstances, we strongly recommend that this is checked prior to purchase. In addition, some machines may not be compliant with your national electric current system and modification may be required on a machine. Again, we strongly recommend that this is checked prior to purchase.