Engel e-motion 200/55, 55 tons all-electric

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Description and Images:

Engel e-motion 200/55 all-electric
Year of Manufacture 2006
Clamping force 55 tonnes
Screw diameter 30 mm
Shot weight 54 grs in PP, approx. 70 grs in PS
Injection pressure 2000 bar
Platen sizes – moving platen 660 x 500 mm, fixed platen 620 x 500 mm
Distance between tie bars – Tie Bar Less
Min – max mould height 200 – 400 mm
Mould opening stroke 270 mm
Max Daylight 670 mm
Ejector stroke 100 mm
Controls CC 200 touch screen control system
Core pulling 1 on the moving platen
Air circuit  1
Total installed power (max) 39 Kw
Operating hours 43,286
Dimensions  (L x W x H)  4.20m x 1.35m x 1.90m
Weight 5,800 Kgs
Service is done annually by Engel
Hopper will not be available with the machine
The material feeder or other ancillaries will not be included with the machine

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