Krauss Maffei KM 150-620 B1

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Description and Images:

Krauss Maffei KM 620B1/150
Year of Manufacture 1993
Clamping Force 150 Tonnes
Screw Diameter  50mm
Shot Weight (in PS)  339 grams
Calculated Injection Volume 377 cm3
Injection Pressure  1638 bar
Platen Sizes  720 x 670 mm (h x v)
Distance Between Tie Bars 500 x 450 mm (h x v)
Min Mould Height  280mm
Max Mould Opening Stroke 620mm
Max Daylight  900mm
Ejector Stroke 150mm
Controls   MC3
Core Pulling 1
Pneumatic Air Circuit 1
Total Installed Power  62.4 Kw
Weight  7500 kgs
Oil Filling  555 Litres
Robot   Sepro (included with the machine)
Jenco Feeder   Not included
Can be inspected in operation/production

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Preview inspection: By prior appointment